students Panel Discussion


Virginia Simmons


maria belen guerrero

mtss (Multi Tiered System of Support)

Annie sotomayor and Coaches

Differentiating for learners in your classroom

Engagement Routines and Strategies for Math Meaning Making

Kimberly Bunch

Universal Design for Learning: An Introduction

Frank Volpe

Looking in, Looking out and Looking further

Cristina Vallejo

Yes, UDL Really Does Work In Your Classroom

Virginia Simmons

Best Practices for Teaching Students with Autism Spectrum or Sensorimotor Disorders

“I Really Like Pokemon”: Using Preference Assessments to Boost Student Success

Jonna Bobzien

Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS)

Supporting Self-Regulation using a Multi Tiered System of Support. A CNG’s Occupational Therapy intervention model

Marynella Orjuela Gomez

Breaking Down Behavior - Strategic Approaches to Addressing Student Behavior

Shelley Hawkes

Whatever it takes; bringing together data, intervention and assessment to make high school work for everyone (including IB DP)

Andrew Roberts / Lucas Reid

All Hands on Deck: A Shared Responsibility Approach to RTI in Lower School

Mercedes Hurtado / Claire Farabee

Success for your ELL learners

Student-Centered Co-Teaching for ELL Learners

Matthew McDonough

Supporting ELL Students through the use of Direct Instruction

Kelli Popper

Choosing and Using Decodable Texts: 3+ Ways To Utilize Decodables In Your Literacy Instruction

Jody Langan

Working with the Gifted Student

Journey Supporting Gifted Students Internationally: Implementing Gifted Education at Colegio Nueva Granada - Bogotá, Colombia

Karen Diaz

Gifted students Panel Discussion

Virginia Simmons

Passion Projects for Gifted Students

Maureen O'Shaughnessy

The What’s and How’s of Beginning a Gifted Program

Susan Williams

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice in your school (DEIJ)

SENIA: Growing our Inclusion Community

Devon Hehl / Soledad Valencia

Collaborative Problem Solving: An Evidence Based Strategy to Increase the Use of High Quality Inclusive Practices in the General Education Classroom.

Renee Elmore / Maria Cristina Artunduaga

Unity in Diversity for the Pursuit of Justice

David Figueroa

Inclusion Now = Success Later

Josh Centra

Inclusion Is a Team Effort - and Everybody's Responsibility!

Samantha Caras / Maria Gribensk

Coaching in the classroom: views of an Olympian

Melinda Rhoads

Competency Based Learning: From time-based to performance based learning and the importance of feedback instead of grades to promote progress and engagement

MariaVeronica De Mancheno

Intersections: Working Together for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Kristel Solomon

Keys to behavioral success in the classroom: addressing challenging behaviors in a proactive manner

Anarosy Torres

Restorative Practices 101

Restorative Circles, Listening Sessions & Self Care

jessica Gilway

Interactive Inclusion Workshop: Start off on the right foot

Johanna Hernandez