Kimberly Bunch & Shairlyn Fish


Kimberly Bunch: Currently working as the K-5 District Math Coach in a rural school district in Quincy, Washington, USA.  Twenty-eight years of experience teaching fifth and sixth grade, teaching fourth through sixth grade math enrichment and math interventions. and coaching teachers in math from kindergarten through sixth grade.

Shairlyn Fish: Currently teaching Middle School Math and Technology in Moses Lake, WA USA, 36 years of experience teaching grades K- 12, including working as State Math Coach.  National Board Certificated in Math.  STEM teacher.

Engagement Routines for Math Meaning Making


In math classrooms, educators are reevaluating the way they teach mathematics. The Common Core State Standards have led to an increased focus on meaning-making by all students.  Educators are learning how to guide student reasoning and thinking using the 8 Math Practices and classroom discourse.   

In this session, participants will be coached in ways to apply researched based routines and strategies, based on the work of Margaret Smith, Mary K. Stein, Grace Kelemanik, Amy Lucenta, Susan Creighton, Peter Leijedahl, and John SanGionani, to ensure all students learn mathematics to a high level, are actively engaged, and construct their own knowledge.