Josh Centra


Up until the 2019 school year, Josh Centra spent 16 years in various administrative positions at international schools in Croatia, Jamaica, and Venezuela.  His last position was the interim superintendent at Colegio Internacional de Caracas in 2018-19.  In 2019, he returned to his home state of South Dakota and founded University Prep, which is an independent college counseling company that primarily works with students from small international schools around the world. He is also an active accreditor with Cognia and serves on accreditation teams across Latin America on an annual basis.

Inclusion Now = Success Later


When school communities embrace the ideas of inclusion, diversity, and equity, they are also setting up their students for success after graduation. This presentation explores the concept of inclusion through the lens of post secondary planning. By incorporating school-wide policies, initiatives, and programs that promote inclusion, the school is also setting the stage for various types of students to shine and ultimately thrive after high school. According to the National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD), only 24 percent of students with learning differences inform their university about their status. It is our belief that schools should not only encourage students to disclose their differences, but also give them outlets to highlight their differences!