David Figueroa


With over 20 years of experience in education, from Early Childhood to the college level, I have been a teacher and an administrator in the United States and Brazil, exercising leading roles in academic and curricular development, faculty affairs, student life, and DEIJ.

Unity in Diversity for the Pursuit of Justice


Our school has always had a strong moral education program, thus developing a vigorous DEIJ agenda seemed natural to us. We found that articulating a WHAT – outcomes we envisioned as desirable, and a HOW – means to achieving our goals, were easy tasks compared to identifying the WHY – our reasons for action.  But who does not understand why DEIJ work is vital to schools? We had to dig deeper than we expected into our personal stories, hopes and fears, to find the words to express what seemed so obvious but had remained unexplained: reasons for undertaking the transformative work of justice.