Jonna Bobzien


Dr. Jonna Bobzien is an Associate Professor of Special Education and the Department Chair of Communication Science Disorders and Special Education at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA. Dr. Bobzien’s expertise centers on the training and implementation of evidenced-based practices with students diagnosed with multiple and/or severe disabilities.


“I Really Like Pokemon”: Using Preference Assessments to Boost Student Success

This presentation targets the use of preference assessment data to boost individual student success. Specifically, we will discuss the value in utilizing student’s preferences to motivate, enhance, and reinforce learning. Session attendants will practice translating assessment data to student-specific instructional planning.

Best Practices for Teaching Students with Autism Spectrum or Sensorimotor Disorders

This presentation introduces some of the best practice strategies for teaching students diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder or sensorimotor differences. Strategies being discussed include task analysis and chaining procedures, discrete trial training, prompting procedures, time delay, and reinforcement procedures.