Lisa LoPrestti- Hupp


Lisa LoPresti-Hupp, a retired teacher of 30+ years, has taught all levels (Kinder through HS and adults) and most subjects during her career in places as diverse as an Eskimo village above the Arctic Circle, the Congo, Latin America, Beijing and most recently, before retiring for a third time last June, she taught Gr. 5 in Krakow, Poland.

Lisa is a certified Tribes® Trainer and a certified Differentiated Instruction Trainer.  She has introduced several ongoing programs/initiatives at the schools where she has worked such as Tribes®, Lifeskills, Metamorphosis (a transition program/curriculum for entering middle school), Parent Nights and worked as an instructional coach. 

The process of Tribes gives all students a sense of inclusion, “a sense of being valued, meaningful participation, and experiences of success. 

The process creates a positive learning culture.”  (CenterSource Systems, LLC)


This active, hands-on workshop will introduce teachers to the strength of using differentiated instruction (DI) in conjunction with Tribes.  Since all teachers are familiar with (DI), but many will not be familiar with Tribes, the emphasis of the workshop will be introducing the process of Tribes and how it works together with DI.  This will be done through Tribes’ strategies and interactive discovery.