Maureen O’Shaughnessy


Dr. Maureen O’Shaughnessy is on a mission to connect the dots between education, belonging, and youth empowerment. Author, Education Evolution podcast host, and micro-school founder (LEADPrep), Maureen helps students learn from a place of love and personal alignment.

Ikigai Learning: The Why and How of Passion Projects.


What learning has stuck with you over the years? Chances are key ingredients were agency and personal interest. These two factors are vital in meaningful learning. How can we make this happened? We can “ikigai” it with passion projects!

This workshop will:

● Explain how living our passions leads to happy longevity (ikigai)

● Unpack the neuroscience supporting engagement and flow

● Provide a passion project tracking tool

● Share examples of student-led passion projects

Want engaged, empowered learners building executive functioning skills and discovering their passions? Willing to be the “guide on the side?” Want long-term retention? Let’s “ikigai” learning with passion projects!