Marynella Orjuela Gómez


Occupational Therapist with over 20 years of experience working in the educational field. Mg. Ed. Certified in Sensory Integration, WPS; Neurodevelopment, NDTA; and Special Education, UK.

Since 2013 Occupational Therapist (Learning Center specialist) at Colegio Nueva Granada.

Supporting Self-Regulation using a Multi Tiered System of Support.

A CNG’s Occupational Therapy intervention model.


Several studies had shown the high number of today’s children that experience differences in sensory processing that are significant enough to affect everyday life functions (i.e. Ahn, Miller, Milberger, McIntosh, 2004; Ben-Sasson, Carter, Briggs-Gowen, 2009).

At CNG after following a strict referral process for students who might qualify for specialized/targeted interventions, OTs design Tier 1,2, and 3 intervention programs/strategies to support those students’ school performance. Some OT intervention strategies in each level of support, are:

Tier 1: Zones of Regulation (whole classroom instruction)

Tier 2: Sensory diets and classroom accommodations (IAP)

Tier 3: Individualized interventions (IEP)